LLC «Vector»

LLC «Vector»

Limited Liability Company 'Vector' is a production company specializing in the provision of comprehensive services for the arrangement and year-round maintenance of highways and artificial structures on them. The company has positively proven itself in the implementation of federal and regional programs to improve road safety in many regions of the Russian Federation.

The main activities of the company include: construction and reconstruction of traffic lights, arrangement of unregulated pedestrian crossings in accident-risky places, installation of restrictive pedestrian and cable barriers, installation of outdoor street lighting, road marking with various types of materials using manual and mechanized methods by special equipment, as well as the maintenance of roads and artificial structures on them.

Today, 'Vector' LLC has all the necessary resources to ensure uninterrupted all year round functioning of highways. The production management center carrying out round-the-clock monitoring of the entire enterprise, as well as large warehouses and 130 units of specialized imported equipment allows the company to carry out projects of varying complexity within the time frame required by its customers.

Own innovative industrial complex for the production of road signs with a capacity of 360 thousand products per year ensures their high quality and compliance with state standards and technical conditions. Our modern freight transport and loading and unloading equipment allow the company to supply its products to any regions of our country.

The company has created a powerful base for further progress. The use of advanced technologies in the implementation of projects, a strong team of professionals and an integrated approach to the execution of works ensured 'Vector' LLC with a reputation of a solid and successful company operating at a high level of road business. Every day a growing number of customers is getting interested in working with a reliable partner.

Realizing our responsibility to the society, 'Vector' LLC applies all its strength, knowledge and experience to make sure the results of its activities become a model of high-quality performance of its obligations.

Company address: 460051, Orenburg city, Malo-Lugovaya street, 3/1, 3rd fl.


09/03/2018 | The Chairman of the Board of The State Company Russian Highways Sergey Kelbakh has sent the Greeting Address to the participants, guests and organizers of the 5 th Conference ITSONROAD.

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